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Thursday, 15 June 2017

Theresa May is haunting the ruins of a once great democracy

Theresa May is haunting the ruins of a once great democracy
- The Institute of Fiscal Studies forecasts that child poverty in the UK will reach over five million by the end of the next parliament due to array of damaging policies the Tory UK government introduced in its time in office.

The UK populace have elected a government which uses hunger as a political instrument of choice. The Trussell Trust showed that 145,865 three-day emergency food supplies were provided by the network of 52 foodbanks across Scotland in 2016/17, including 47,955 for children – a nine per cent increase on 2015/16.

They have elected a government which has introduced social engineering by stealth via a two-child tax credit cap and the sickening 'Rape Clause'. It’s a policy born out of the Conservatives’ ideological hatred for the poor and implemented with a callous disregard of the consequences.