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Tuesday, 11 April 2017

Gay love in the deaf community to be explored in new play 'NOISE'

Gay love in the deaf community to be explored in new play 'NOISE'
- The young playwright from Birmingham is helming an innovative new play, NOISE, to help raise awareness of the potential challenges of being deaf amid the frantic setting of university.
Mixing humour and tragedy, the loud, visually-engaging show followings the story of five fresh-faced students embarking on their first year at university; one of whom, Evan, is gay and deaf.
But it’s not just Evan’s story that sets this production apart from most others: Each performance will be signed, captioned and audio described to let deaf audiences enjoy immersive magic of the show.
21-tear-old Thomas says he was inspired to write the play after a chance encounter with a deaf group while working at a theatre left him painfully aware of his own ignorance surrounding the issue.