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Tuesday, 6 June 2017

Before Signing the Blank Cheque in the UK General Election 2017

Before Signing the Blank Cheque in the UK General Election 2017
- Since 2008 and especially over the last seven years, disabled people, including people with physical or mental impairments and long-term health conditions, have borne the brunt of the Tory austerity cuts, which has seen the number of disabled people living in poverty rise to 04.2 million. The Welfare Reform Act 2012 took away £3.7 billion disabled peoples befits taking £28 billion pounds from the disabled.
This effective ‘war’ against people with disabilities’ by the Conservative party went side by side with the increasing of poverty and  millions of people pushed to the brink of Poverty as reported by the Independent on 15th February of this year.
The Conservatives influenced and even demanded that the country and nation look at and treat people with disabilities as a ‘burden’ and a ‘legitimate, lawful and valid’ target for the state and government to devastate their lives by ruthlessly, mercilessly take away the vital and fundamental support that was given to them by the law of the land.
This undermines the foundations of the United Kingdom that from the very inception of this nation, when it had set out as its objective to seek to establish the ‘rule of law’, which is the foundation of a civic and civilised society and towards this goal the country and nation made progressively positive and effective strides, achieving more and more in getting nearer to this goal as time went on.
It took a passage of centuries to achieve the understanding of equality and the rights of the people with the yardstick being a society that is resolute in its unshakable conviction and choice as to how it goes about protecting the most vulnerable: children, people with disabilities, people with mental illnesses rendering them effectively disabled, those able-bodied but made disabled with devastating illnesses or those, who are terminally ill and the frail, infirm and elderly.
The Labour Party has refused to accept this and goes further in committing to reverse this and invest towards building a United Kingdom where people with disabilities are enabled and empowered so that they can bring out and being the best that they can be as any other able-bodied citizens of this country.