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Tuesday, 2 May 2017

Gap Closes by 10 Points in a Week as Corbyn up, May Down

Gap Closes by 10 Points in a Week as Corbyn up, May Down
- The Sunday poll showed the Labour party leader up by six points with a 31 percent support, with May's Tories dropping to 44 percent, ahead of the June 8 UK general elections.
Other polls varied but showed a similar trend. Poll aggregator Opinium placed the Labour Party up by four points with a 30 percent support, while May's Conservative Party dropped to 44 percent. The shift has been attributed to Theresa May's inability to accept a public debate with Corbyn, with May refusing to appear in any one-on-one televised debates even though over 119,000 people signed a petition asking for a debate. Meanwhile, support for the Liberal Democratic dropped by three points to 8 percent, The Independent reported. LibDem leader, Tim Farron, who called Corbyn the “worst leader in history,” was widely criticized for his views on LGBT community. In a recent interview with channel 4, when asked if he considers homosexuality a sin, he responded by saying he would not “make theological announcements."